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Are AntiVirus Programs Necessary?

If you ask me, I would tell anybody to make sure they have an antivirus program installed on their computer. Too many times have my friends lost important documents, pictures, passwords, emails, resumes, school papers, and a ton of other stuff. I don’t even want to think about losing documents that I need every day. Talk about unnecessary stress!

The next question people usually ask then is which antivirus program should you be using? There’s tons of free ones out there like AVG and malwarebytes (more for malware than viruses). However, some of the features are limited on some free versions.

A paid version that has generally gotten good reviews is Norton AntiVirus. It is produced by Symantec and is widely used in schools and offices (like my husband’s). Either way, using SOME virus checking program is STRONGLY recommended by me and tons of other people. I’m not crazy!

If you do decide to use something like Norton, you have to watch out from some of the common problems though. The program itself is awesome but it can give you errors at times. These errors are super annoying but not hard to deal with.

The first common problem is remembering to keep everything updated. This isn’t hard to do as a lot of the versions have automatic update. Be sure to always do this so you can be protected from the newest and most dangerous viruses that hackers put out.


The other common problem is dealing with various executable errors (or exe errors). Since the application is required to use a file to run it, it can cause issues with the ccsvchst.exe file. When this happens, it’s usually not a critical issue and can be resolved quite easily. If you get the error, do some research and figure out how to remove the ccsvchst.exe error. Some places even have other information and tips about preventing them from happening to you in the future.

Keep your computer and important information safe and always keep your virus programs installed, updated, and TURNED ON. If you don’t have it activated on your computer, it has no way to protect you from viruses and other hacks that happen while you’re using it. This is another huge problem and something that can be easily fixed and prevented if you just make sure to keep your program running. This is especially important when you are surfing the internet, downloading files, or using your computer for other stuff too. Alerts can be prevented at a ton of different times so be sure you have it running at all times when you’re using your computer.

If you need help with any of this, please email me. I know it can be difficult and I’d love to give you some guidance as I’ve had plenty of help from people who are WAY smarter than me when it comes to computers. Just send me a quick message and any information about your virus or problem you are running into and I’ll be sure to help you however I can. I hope this helps! Let me know of any other questions or thoughts you have and I’ll be sure to comment on them.